Tallinn University of Technology

TREASoURcE is organizing an online workshop on 8 February 2024 at 13:00-15:00 CET on the Regulatory drivers and barriers for the circular economy of plastics.

As the consumption of plastics continues to grow, drawing increased attention in the intersection of waste, chemical and product management for sustainability, understanding the altering plastic policy landscape is more crucial than ever. The EU funded TREASoURcE project is contributing to the solution by hosting a workshop focused on exploring the regulatory drivers and barriers impacting the circular economy of plastics.

This virtual event seeks to pinpoint the essential elements of the EU plastic policy framework and gather insights to formulate policy recommendations that enhance the drivers while addressing the barriers. We welcome stakeholders who are interested in advancing the circular economy of plastics and sharing their perspectives on the policy landscape. As an outcome of the workshop, the project will formulate policy recommendations addressed to relevant EU and national authorities. 


13:00-13:30 CET Welcome, introduction and workshop instructions

  • Welcome and introduction of facilitators
  • Background: TREASoURcE project
  • Discussion points of the workshop 
  • Technical instructions & entering break-out rooms  

13:30-14:30 CET Discussion in break-out rooms

14:30-15:00 CET Wrap-up of the discussions of each group, Future steps and contact points 

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