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In the first half of March, the IT Didactic Centre asked the our students how satisfied they are with the flow and channels of information related to their studies. With currently ongoing study, ITÜK is investigating the experience and awareness of students in the topics of academic honesty and ethics.

Viis tudengit, kolm tüdrukut ja kaks poissi arutavad ümber laua.

NB! The survey is currently open.

Survey about the academic honesty and ethics

We invite you to participate in the seminar presenting the results of surveys! The seminar will take place on April 10, 16:00-18:00 in the IT College's building in room 316.

At the seminar, we will present the results of both surveys and discuss the most important topics raised:

  • Onboarding of new students to cope with the flow of information
  • Students' interest and opportunities to cooperate in the field of study and research during their studies
  • Principles of good practice in the organization of subjects - student expectations
  • ChatGPT and studies

Register here for the seminar

NB! We will also draw prizes among the registered participants!

Can't attend the seminar, but the topics are important to you?

After the seminar, we will add a summary of the seminar's discussions together with an overview of the surveys results here, and we will also cover the topic in our student newsletter. If you have additional thoughts and want to contribute to activities to improve the information flow, you are also welcome to let us know at riina.tallo@taltech.ee.

In case you would have been happy to share your experience in the survey, but the information about the survey did not reach you, there is still an opportunity to do so and we will leave the survey questionnaire open until the end of the semester. 

Survey about the information flow and channels