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Department of Business Administration invites to a research seminar.

city view barcelona

Wednesday, 31 May 2023 at 16:00-17:30 in room SOC-356 / Zoom

A presentation by Montserrat Crespi-Vallbona (Associate Professor at the Business Department of the University of Barcelona).

The negative effects of tourism in mature destinations becomes a central debate in academia and daily life of citizens. The rise of the tourist phenomenon in the city of Barcelona had its momentum in the 1992 Olympic Games. At that time, it is placed on the map of potential visitors as a destination of interest, and then the number of international tourists increased year after year. At the same time, it meant an increase of tourist houses in the city centre and the nearest neighbourhoods, the rise of tourismophobia and the reaction of local administration for institutional actions and public strategies. Specifically, this presentation aims to show the volume and growth of tourist houses in the central touristic neighbourhoods of Barcelona and its effects related to gentrification, social movement protests, political reactions, heritage attractiveness and community atmosphere. The main objective delves into the interests of different stakeholders and the way to keep the centre for both users, residents, and tourists, preserving the sense of belonging and attachment to the place. Results show priorities for key actors to design policies to harmonize all different interests.

Montserrat Crespi-Vallbona, researcher and associate professor at the Business Department of the University of Barcelona (UB), Spain. Head of Studies of International Business Degree. In addition, member of the Business Research Group (UB) and also researcher at different Investigation Projects (I+D), such as “Social changes and processes of urban transformation in a crisis context”, “New mobilities and socio-residential reconfiguration in the post-crisis: socioeconomic and demographic consequences in Spanish urban areas” or “Influence of changes in production regimes and access to housing on the social restructuring of large Spanish cities”. As a result, the impact of tourism on economic, social, cultural, and urban structures of the territory are analyzed. Governance, gentrification, sustainability are the key words. Many articles, books and book chapters have been published: ‪Montserrat Crespi Vallbona - ‪Google Acadèmic

The seminar is in English. Further information: pia.riips@taltech.ee.