Tallinn University of Technology

The next Research Seminar in the Maritime Cyber Security Center seminar series will be held at the Estonian Maritime Academy in Kopli 101, room 208 and in MS Teams.

research seminae 06.03.2024

Abstract: Human factors and marine cybersecurity are important to the modern maritime sector. This session discusses the current state, challenges, and possibilities of this ever-changing field, highlighting the complex relationship between human behaviors, technology, and maritime system protection. The use of digital technologies in marine operations has grown, creating vulnerabilities that malicious actors can exploit. This talk will focus on human operators’ vital role in system security. Understanding how humans affect cybersecurity is essential to creating effective security strategies.

The talk will also discuss cybersecurity developments that focus on user-centered design where cognitive and behavioral aspects are involved and to create marine sector cybersecurity safeguards. Current research and projects will also be presented.

For more information about the seminar, please contact: Laivi Rello laivi.rello@taltech.ee

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Meeting ID: 345 199 770 318 Passcode: BcpzRd