Tallinn University of Technology

Estonia has a reputation for being at the forefront of e-governance, and government strategy is to keep Estonia at the forefront of societal ICT adoption of next-generation services -- in particular, with increasing use of AI technology. Therefore, the trend of software algorithms extending their influence on daily lives of citizens will continue for the foreseeable future.

It is therefore more important than ever for individual users, organisations and the society as a whole to have a degree of trust in software. Trustworthy software has many different facets, several of which are research topics in professor Pawel Sobocinski's Laboratory for Compositional Systems and Methods.

The presentation will outline some of the research strengths of the group, including:

  • the use of functional programming and advanced type systems to catch bugs
  • the development of new formal, yet intuitive diagrammatic languages for process coordination to describe complex systems
  • the emerging topic of trustworthy AI and its components

If you develop software in your company, or if you want to participate in the upcoming Estonian AI revolution in e-services, you will find something for you in this seminar. There will be a forum for questions and answers where we will explore avenues for future collaboration between academia, the public sector and industry.

Register for the event here by 6th of October