Tallinn University of Technology

The Rector's Cup is very busy in May as there are four different stages coming up - TalTech Run, mobile phone throwing, orienteering and car pushing.


The hunt for 10'000 euros is nearing the end and the Disciples of Juulius are welcoming the whole university family to take part from the last Rector's Cup stages. 

17th of May - Rector’s Cup orienteering

Rector's Cup orienteering is a team  orienteering, the goal of which is to collect the highest possible score during the control time by passing control points placed on the landscape. Rector's Cup orienteering will be done in pairs.

Checkpoints are worth 5 points. The order of crossing points is free of choice - each team sets its own route. Some points are also located inside the buildings. In this kind of orienteering, it is not mandatory to pass a certain number of checkpoints - each team passes exactly as many kilometers and points as they like and can handle in one and a half hours.


  • 18:00 - the competition center opens
  • 18:45 - the starting area opens
  • 19:00 - joint start (the map can only be viewed at the time of the start)
  • 20:30 - end of control time (1.5 hours)
  • 21:00 - award ceremony

REGISTER HERE: bit.ly/rektoriorienteerumine

31th of May - Rector’s Cup car pushing

More info soon