Tallinn University of Technology

The deadline for the competition of 2023 industry cooperation projects is January 22, 2024. For participation in the competition, the application must be submitted to the business department by January 22, 2024, following the recognition and symbols act.

Arendustööde konkurss

Last year winner was the LainePoiss – smart and easy-to-use wave meter for operational monitoring of marine environment, led by Senior Researcher Victor Alari and the team of Department of Marine Systems.

All university members and their research groups can participate in the competition. Each person or research group has the right to participate in one research project.

An application of up to three pages that meets the conditions of § 14 of the Recognition and Symbols Act must be submitted to the business department no later than January 22, 2023. In addition, the applicant can submit the research application efficiency opinion from the private or public sector and an overview of the relevant media coverage.

The competition must be:
1) completed in the year of the announcement of the competition or the preceding calendar year;
2) innovative and its results aimed at increasing and implementing the economy's competitiveness or applied in production or service.

The expert committee evaluates the projects by following the criteria:
1) the result of the project is new applied knowledge developed at the university (product, technology, service, etc.) or the emergence of new business activities, development or improvement of existing ones;
2) between the university and another person is agreed to develop or use the product, technology or service
3) the project or its results have been published in a peer-reviewed scientific publication.

The committee has the right to interpret the listed criteria when evaluating the competitions independently and, if necessary, ask the applicants for additional information. The committee members' internal agreement determines the expert committee's rules of procedure.

The expert committee, formed by the head of the entrepreneurship department of Tallinn University of Technology, selects the year's project and confirms them on February 10, 2024.

Competition participation applications should be sent to:
Ilmar Harg Altdorf
Industry Cooperation Center
Tallinn University of Technology