Tallinn University of Technology

The next two stages of TalTech Rector's Cup are full of music, fun and, of course, sports. Namely, NIGHT basketball and NIGHT volleyball will be held in the TalTech Sports Centre on 04.11 at 20:00 and on 05.11 at 21:00. A late starting time for the sports games means, as the name suggests, that many games will most likely be played after midnight.

rektori karikas öö
  • Teamsport.ee presents: TalTech Rector's cup NIGHT basketball is a 3x3 basketball tournament, which will take place on November 4, starting at 20:00. The competition center is the TalTech Sports Centre. 

Night basketball registration lasts until 03.11 at 23:59!

  • The Rector's cup NIGHT volleyball is a tournament with blind volleyball rules, where the net is covered with a tarp and mixed teams on the court. Night volleyball will take place on November 5, starting at 21:00. The competition center is the TalTech Sports Centre.

Night volleyball registration lasts until 03.11 at 23:59!

You can register your team HERE
More infomation and rules about the basketball and volleyball tournaments can be found HERE


TalTech Rector's cup rules

  • When competing in the TalTech Rector's cup, all team members must belong to the same faculty (except university employees, who are so-called free agents)
  • Competition points for the Rector's cup are distributed only to the best team of each faculty
  • If the team does not consist of members only from one faculty, then the members of this team will only earn activity points
  • In night basketball and night volleyball, the three best teams will be awarded

All employees (including the university management and those employees who specifically belong to a faculty) can be so-called free agents at the university. University employees, i.e. free agents, can choose their own faculty at each stage of the TalTech Rector's cup or be recruited by other members of the university family. The free agent system does not include deans or pro-deans.

Points system

The point system for the Rector's Cup consists of two parts: points obtained from the competitions and participation or so called activity points.

Competition Points:

I place - 120p
II place - 100p
III place - 80p
IV place - 70p
V place - 60p

PS! Only the best team/competitor of the faculty will receive competition points for the Rector's Cup.

Activity points system:

Each participant (student, employee, alumni) automatically earns an activity point for representing their faculty, regardless of the place he got in the competition (participation in the aforementioned cultural events also earns an activity point).

More information: Tom Erik Luoma-aho (tom.luoma-aho@taltech.ee)