Tallinn University of Technology

It is a pleasure to announce that this year TalTech Center for New Entrepreneurship is a partner of sTARTUp Day!  We invite you to our demo area, where we will present various TalTech start-ups and spin-offs - Mindchip is presenting an autonomous robot ship, DrugHunter is showing the world's first portable drug analyzer, Äiotech is talking about butters made from sawdust, and Filaret is telling his story about recycling smokestacks.


In addition to them, you can also find EIT Digital and AIRE at our booth. In cooperation with Öun Drinks, we put out invigorating functional lemonades for those who ask the best questions!

We will conduct two interesting seminars: 

  • How can universities empower innovation and startups? The story of building a hight-tech startup ecosystem in Munich. Marisa Schneider from the University of Munich and representatives of the Estonian startup ecosystem will perform. We cover both the investor and university-grown start-up and spin-off perspectives. 
  • University as a Service Provider – a new paradigm? We present good examples of cooperation between universities and companies and discuss how companies and universities could cooperate even more effectively in the future. 

And that's not all️! All those interested have the opportunity to come for a demo drive with the Student Formula self-driving machine at the EuroPark roof parking lot of the Tasku Center!  


Do you want to learn about the success stories and tricks of the business world and learn how to run a company yourself in the future? On the 24th-26th of August will take place sTARTUp Day, which is a business festival with the most entrepreneurial mindset, bringing together over 3,000 participants to celebrate entrepreneurship in the smart city of Tartu. 

See you next week in Tartu!