Tallinn University of Technology

The TalTech Rector's Cup stepchallenge is a competition for collecting steps, where the importance is not only the victory but also motivating oneself and the entire Tallinn University of Technology family to constantly move, stepping together towards a healthier university and future.


The participants' goal is to collect as many steps as possible in a freely chosen location over a period of 10 days, starting on May 1st  at 00:01 AM. 

✔ Steps collected with a sports app that is compatible with the YuMuuv app (Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin, Google Fit, Polar, Suunto) will be counted.

✔ When uploading their results to the platform (syncing with a sports watch, phone, or computer), participants must consider a possible delay. The YuMuuv app may take time to synchronize the data – so if you reach your 10,000 steps at 12:00 PM and sync your results with your computer/phone at 8:00 PM, the steps for that day might only appear in the system the following day but will still be reflected on the platform as steps taken on the previous day!

✔ To have steps counted in the step challenge, users must register BEFORE starting to collect steps, as the YuMuuvi platform does not count steps collected in the past!

Results for the step challenge will be locked on 10th May 2024 at 23:59, and steps uploaded thereafter will not be counted! Therefore, if you upload/sync your final result around 10:00 PM on 10th May 2024, your result may not appear on the platform before the results are locked. This information does not apply to people whose steps are automatically added to the YuMuuvi environment (e.g., Apple Health and Google Fit app users on phones).

✔ There is a grace period for uploading results on the YuMuuv platform. This means that if the challenge ends on 10th May 2024 at 23:59, the last data export from the system to ensure all results (steps of participants in the challenge) reach the platform will be done on 13th May 2024 at 12:00 PM, i.e., 60 hours after the results are locked.

✔ The Rector's Cup stepping challenge takes place on the YuMuuv platform. To register, you need to enter the "Enter membership code" field with the code provided by us, type your email into the "Enter email" field, choose a suitable password for the "Password" field, and then you're registered on the platform.

✔ The code to join the step challenge is REKTORI-KARIKAS.

✔ If you already have a user account on the platform, you need to join the Rector's Cup challenge using the same code. You can link your account by using our code and entering it into the "Join another" field under "Companies and communities" in the "Your details" section.