Tallinn University of Technology

On September 20th, the traditional TalTech relay race will take place in the forest of Sütiste and Nõmme. As a team of 5 people, you have to complete the half marathon distance, i.e. 21.1 km. Each team member covers a distance of 4.22 km.


There are three competition classes:

  •  women
  •  men
  •  mixed teams (there must be at least 1 woman in the team)

The start and finish are located next to TalTech Sports Club (Männiliiva tn 7). The starting bell sounds at 18.00.

To participate, the team representative must register all team members through the Fienta system no later than 18.09.2023. The registration link must be completed by ONE person, marking all team members on the same application.

Past and present TalTech members are invited to attend for FREE! The participation fee for teams from outside the university is 20 euros.

Detailed instructions for the relay race:  https://shorturl.at/vCE36 

TalTech's Relay Race 2023 is also part of the Rector's Cup competition series! 

All former and current members of Tallinn University of Technology (students, alumni, employees) who represent their own faculties in each field of competition are invited to take part in the Rector's Cup.