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The next Research Seminar at the TalTech Estonian Maritime Academy will take place on 15 November 2023 from 3:00PM - 5:00PM (EET). The seminar will be held in the Maritime Academy Kopli 101, room 208 and in Teams.

Professor Pentti Kujala will talk about System level simulation of the winter navigation in the Baltic Sea.


Development of simulation tool for winter navigation decision-support in the Baltic Sea

In this research seminar a novel simulation tool for the analysis of winter navigation operations in the Baltic Sea in the context of the Finnish–Swedish Winter Navigation System (FSWNS) will be presented. The aim of the tool is to make it possible to simulate the performance of the FSWNS under various potential future operating scenarios and thereby to support decision-making on matters affecting the operation and development of the FSWNS, for instance in terms of icebreaking resources and ice class regulations. To this end, the tool considers key performance factors and characteristics of the FSWNS, such as the prevailing ice conditions, the ice-going capability, and other technical characteristics (e.g., beam) of the involved merchant vessels, the availability of icebreaking resources, the features of specific icebreaking operations (e.g., convoys, towing), and the Finnish-Swedish ice class regulations. The tool would allow testing of several “what-if” scenarios, answering questions related to optimal engine power for safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly navigation, optimal scheduling of icebreakers for effective and cost-efficient assistance missions. Scenarios such as convoys and towing arrangements of ice-classed merchant vessels are also effectively modelled. The latest extension of the model has been conducted to study the wintertime traffic and icebreaker operation in the Estonian ice-covered waters in the Gulf of Finland and Gulf of Riga.


Pentti Kujala has been nominated as Tenured Full professor since 20th August 2023 in Taltech, Estonian Maritime Academy. His main research interests during the 45- year long career have been devoted to full scale measurements of ice induced loads and analysis of the ice load statistics, simulation of ship performance in ice, development of advanced structural solutions for ships and development of system level safety of marine traffic.

He was the professor of marine traffic safety during 2002-2006 in Aalto University and head of the Marine Technology research group. He has also been Vice Dean of the School of Engineering during 2017-2022 with the main duties related to the Impact and Innovation activities of the School. He has extensive national and international cooperation experience, including heading initiatives such as the Center of Excellence for Safe Arctic Shipping funded by the Lloyd’s Register Foundation in London. He  has a long background in ship safety-related research, holding a Master of Science degree in Naval Architecture since 1979 and a Doctor of Science in Technology degree since 1994, both awarded by Helsinki University of Technology (now Aalto University). He has authored more than 300 publications in high-level journals and conferences, with more than 7,700 citations and a Scopus H-index 45.

For more information about the seminar, please contact: Júlia Anna Grosschmid julia.grosschmid@taltech.ee

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