Tallinn University of Technology

Kave Salamatian is holding a Venia Legendi lecuture for the position of Professor, ERA Chair holder on cybersecurity in maritime (MariCybERA) on 10th of June. 

More than 80% of international internet traffic is transferred through maritime cables. These cables create a mesh of interconnections between countries and continents that has a strategic impact of the crossed countries and more generally on Internet as a whole. While, they are mainly technical artefact that need a high level of expertise to be understood, they have also a deep geopolitical impact that have to be considered. 

The goals of this lecture are multiple. On one hand, it target the computer professional by uncovering for them the geopolitical dimensions behind the choice of a specific route by a BGP router. On another hand, it wish to give more technical insights to strategist, geopolitician and maritime professionals that are more used to the strategic importance of places like Bab-el-mandel and Malacca straights, but have not yet seen the digital translation of this importance.  

The lecture will be the occasion to illustrate the cyberstrategic approach that have been developped and advocated in the past 10 years by K. Salamatian and his colleagues. 

Purpose of the position

In the EU-funded Horizon2020 project entitled “ERA Chair in Maritime Cyber Security at Tallinn University of Technology ”, with acronym MariCybERA (grant agreement No 952360-MariCybERA), position for ERA Chair holder, a leader of the group with the expertise in the field of Maritime Cybersecurity, at Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), Estonia. Expected starting date of the contract is 01/10/2021.  

The European and international maritime industries face serious threats from cybercriminals. TalTech is part of an Estonian ecosystem of cybersecurity and maritime actors.  

The ERA Chair Holder will work closely together with the teams of School of Information Technologies and Estonian Maritime Academy, and strengthen existing as well as establish new collaboration agreements with the industry. The ERA Chair holder will be responsible for establishing the research strategy in the field of Maritime Cybersecurity at TalTech. This includes defining research priorities, securing research funds, establishing an international network, and creating partnerships with different types of organizations. 

Kava Salamatian

Kave Salamatian is currently full professor of Computer Science at University of Savoie, France. He has been a permanent academic for more than 22 years, and have more than  25 years of research experience in different areas of computer science, in particular in Networking, Computer systems security and Machine Learning applying to these problems. He has had more than 20 talented PhD students.   

Kava Salamatian´s Venia Legendi lecture takes place online via MS Teams (Click here to join the meeting) on the 10th of June 2021 at 16:30 Estonian time. 

Learn more about the project: maricybera.taltech.ee