Tallinn University of Technology

Webinar: Research Data Management in Horizon Europe
On Thursday, October 7, from 10:00-12:30 (EET)

The Estonian Research Council (ETAg) will organize a webinar on research data management.

The full webinar will consist of two parts:

1) The first part will be held in English and will last approximately 50 minutes. An expert Victoria Tsoukala (Policy Officer in the European Commission) will speak about data management and open data requirements in the Horizon Europe programme. She will also introduce the European Open Science Cloud.

2) The second part of the webinar will be held in Estonian. In this part, Tiiu Tarkpea (Research Data Senior Specialist at University of Tartu Library) will provide a more general insight to the research data management, data management plans and repositories.

We welcome all researchers and research administrators from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to join this webinar, especially those interested in applying for funding from the Horizon Europe programme.

You are welcome to ask questions to the presenters during the event or also to send them by e-mail siiri.kolka@etag.ee in advance.
Webinar will be held in ClickMeeting. Please register here

More information:
Siiri Kolka
Estonian Research Council