Tallinn University of Technology

The workshop will be based at Tallinn University of Technology, Department of Business Administration, Tallinn, Estonia on August 24, 2023, starting from 10:00 until 16:00 in room SOC-213. 

The language of the workshop is English. 

Keynote speakers:

  • Prof. Christine Cooper, University of Edinburgh

  • Prof. Peter Skærbæk, Copenhagen Business School

  • Prof. Istemi Demirag, TalTech School of Business and Governance

The workshop is free for all registered attendants and presenters.

Flyer of the workshop

Purpose of the workshop

  • Organisations work within their social, political, and environmental surroundings and therefore they should consider how to be responsible for their actions and potential impacts on these fields. This workshop will aim to encourage new ways of linking these responsibilities through alternative means of mechanisms to discharge accountabilities and not just demand it. Understanding how organisations both in the private and public sectors are developing and using calculative practices and mechanisms of accountability to operationalise these practices provide us with contemporary challenges and potentials for both practitioners and academics working in these fields.

Themes of the workshop

Delivering and discharging accountabilities in times of changing roles of accounting profession and the role of consultants in developing and operationalising SDGs, calculative practices for sustainability, hybridity and hybrid controls, crisis management and public sector reforms.

The workshop will seek alternative methodologies but mainly will focus on critical perspectives and other similar approaches including Actor Network Theory. Especially, we would like to emphasise the use of ANT as a theory about power, and that also contains elements of politics.

The workshop will encourage participants to present their ideas, work in progress and completed full papers through informal group networking and panel discussions and will find the opportunity to ask questions regarding publications in Critical Perspectives on Accounting and other similar top-quality publications.

Key-note presenters and panels

  • Professor Peter Skærbæk, CBS, Denmark. Topic: "Using Actor-Network-Theory to study contemporary management and accounting phenomena - ESG, roles of economic theories to public sector reforms, management consultants, and crisis management"
  • Professor Christine Cooper, University of Edinburgh Business School, UK will address: Can accounting make government more “Business Like”?
  • Professor Istemi Demirag, TalTech, will present his joint work with his ex-PhD student Ume Zaidi on “Hybrid controls and calculative practices”.

After the presentation there will be a workshop by Professors Demirag and Skaelberg, whereinterested colleagues will be able to discuss their work with them using ANT.

Registration deadline: 20 August 2023


More info: koidu.saia@taltech.ee