Tallinn University of Technology

From 1–31 August an exhibition “The Year of the Bear in a Playful Way” is open in the library’s 2nd floor reading area. The exhibition is a tribute to the brown bear, the chosen Animal of the Year in 2022 and invites to get to know bears more closely during the Year of the Bear.

Since the bear is very skilled, cunning, and also playful when young, the exhibition has also been compiled in a more relaxed and playful spirit. In addition to pop-science bear-themed articles and books, there are also wonderful toy bears on display, as well as several great bear-themed children's books. You can also take a look at nature photographs of bears at the exhibition.

Visitors' memories of their teddy bears or even meeting a bear, as well as reading or movie experiences, are welcome in the guest book of the exhibition.

The exhibition was compiled by Piret Toots, Katrin Kaljuvee, and Katrin Bobrov from the library’s Bibliographic Services Division.

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