Tallinn University of Technology

On October 1, the world exhibition EXPO 2020 starts in Dubai, where the Estonian pavilion will also introduce the research works of Tallinn University of Technology. 

This is the first time that the World Expo will take place in the Middle East. The main theme of the World Expo is ‘Connecting minds, creating the future’, meaning that we can create a better world by working together. The three sub-themes of EXPO 2020 are: Opportunity – the creation of opportunities for innovation; Mobility – the flow of knowledge, ideas and goods, as well as digital connectivity; and Sustainability – the search for balance in the use of the planet’s resources.

The two-storey blue Estonian pavilion is located at the heart of the World Expo in the Mobility area, right next to the main square. Each floor has an area of 400 m2 and the first floor is open to all visitors, where we offer an interactive introduction to the history of Estonia. There is also a Nordic street food café, where non-alcoholic cocktails and coffee are served by the robot bartender Yanu. On the second floor of the pavilion you can find: the Tallink business lounge, the Nortal conference centre, the Pay RND meeting room, the innovative smart classroom model completed in cooperation with the Education and Youth Board and the Standard and Kuubis architects, and the business exhibitions of Estonian companies. In total, more than 40 Estonian companies and organisations are represented in Dubai.

Expo Al Wasl plaza

The keywords of the Estonian pavilion are digital, smart, and sustainable, and the Estonian exposition tells the story of the Estonian digital society. The university has a role to play in this story: together with the Estonian state, we will introduce the concept of a well-functioning e-state to the world, show its benefits to citizens and governments, and share our experience and knowledge. We demonstrate the university's research and development expertise in the field of smart cities and smart environments: how big data, 5G, the Internet of Things, and smart solutions help to better organise transport, lighting, city air, etc. 

In the Estonian pavilion, TalTech is constantly present with its screenings and short videos, with which we introduce the university's research and development activities towards the smart city of the future in five specific projects.

A new generation of solar panels

The future city can manage high energy needs in a smart way. Materials scientists and physicists at the Tallinn University of Technology are contributing to a carbon-neutral future city through the use of innovative photovoltaic panels.

The last mile transport solution with autonomous vehicles 

Public transportation doesn’t always help us get to where we want to go when we want to go – a small piece is still missing. This challenge is addressed by the Tallinn University of Technology research group of autonomous vehicles, together with the FinEst Centre for Smart Cities.

GreenTwins – the Tallinn-Helsinki dynamic digital green model

The future city is more than buildings, vehicles and people – green spaces also play an important part. Researchers at the Tallinn University of Technology are adding dynamic plant life to the city's digital twin.

Real-time building performance audit

DigiAudit tackles the problems with energy performance and indoor climate of buildings through digitalization and continuous monitoring. DigiAudit platform will provide scientific tools for breakdown of key performance indicators, visualization of results, diagnostics and information required for planning renovation. 

Reducing energy demand using microgrids and energy storage

Interdisciplinary research is carried out in the scope of this project, which targets electric power quality in urban electricity distribution networks, energy markets and policies with a focus on CDSs and cyber-security in cyber-physical systems. 

The EXPO 2020 Dubai will be open until March 31, 2022.

The general programme of EXPO offers and overview of all the events and general info. The monthly schedule provides a detailed overview of what is happening each month. In addition the EXPO hosts thematic business forums.