Tallinn University of Technology

Development of products and services

TalTech supports companies in organizational and product development. We are the first point of contact for companies and public authorities who want to conduct research. We help companies to promote and implement innovation through technology and knowledge transfer. Through cooperation, we take entrepreneurship to a new level.

The university can provide you a suitable solution thanks to its extensive resources, including 130 internationally recognized research groups and over 70 laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Our fields of expertise include engineering, natural sciences, economics, and ICT. 

If you are interested in development cooperation, require research services, or are seeking laboratory facilities, please contact us via e-mail at partner@taltech.ee.

  • Please specify the reason for your request - whether you are seeking a research partner for your company, want to initiate and fund applied research, are looking for research services to address a production failure, or in need of a specialized measurement lab, etc. Please provide a clear description of the circumstances of your project. Remember to mention the name of the company. 

  • What do you expect from the university - e.g. “I am interested in obtaining research services for the development of the project I described’ or ‘I am seeking a laboratory to conduct the described measurements,’ etc. 

  • Please add your name.

  • Phone number (this will ensure more efficient information exchange).

  • Please attach an explanatory photo, diagram, or any other relevant document. 

A more specific and clearer request increases the likelihood of receiving a prompt and comprehensive response. We will contact you as soon as possible!

By sending an e-mail, you agree that the data provided by you will be processed to process the request. 

Interuniversity inquiry portal Adapter

When a company wishes to address a question, search, or proposal to multiple Estonian research institutions simultaneously, the inquiry portal Adapter.ee can be used.

Adapter is a cooperation network of Estonian universities and research and development institutions. 

With the help of Adapter, an entrepreneur can quickly contact research institutions who have joined the network to find a collaboration partner, research information, or a laboratory.