Tallinn University of Technology

A tuition fee waiver is a non-monetary scholarship granted in 2017/2018 to 2022/2023 to the best candidates according to the points earned in the course of admission. There is no separate application required. Scholarship is awarded for the whole study period. 

Recipients of the scholarships are required to study according to nominal study load. Nominal study load means that at least 60 ECTS from the curriculum per year must be completed. If the student fails more than 6 credit points from the cumulative study load or falls on partial study load, he/she will lose the tuition fee waiver and will start paying for studies.

In most cases, candidates are informed regarding tuition fee waiver when they receive their conditional acceptance offer. Nevertheless, if we are able to offer a full tuition fee waiver place after the first offer (past the June 1), we will also contact directly with a suitable candidate and inform them.

Please remember!

  • A tuition fee waiver scholarship is a non-monetary scholarship granted by the university to full-time students matriculated to a fee-based study programme in the academic year 2017/2018 or later for studying in a certain study programme.

  • The student shall study as full-time student in his/her study programme and complete the nominal semester load of 30 ECTS credit points and undertakes to partially cover the cost of tuition if, at the end of a semester, participation in studies lacks more than 6 ECTS credits of the cumulative study load subject to completion under the study programme (30 ECTS credit points per semester).

  • The student shall pay 40 euros for each lacking credit point if he/she exceeds the threshold of 6 ECTS credit points of the nominal load in the previous semesters. An invoice for payment of the tuition fee shall be submitted via the study information system ÕIS.

  • The student must notify the university immediately if a scholarship or allowance is paid to him/her for studying in the study programme from any other funds.

  • The student loses the right to the tuition fee waiver scholarship for the periods of the student’s academic leave, on extension of her/his studies (nominal duration is exceeded), upon transfer to partial-load and the student shall be obliged to cover the tuition fees according to the contract for the reimbursement of study costs.

  • A tuition fee waiver scholarship can be granted to a student upon matriculation only once in one study programme.