Tallinn University of Technology

Materials Lab


  • Accelerated aging

  • Fatigue, flexural and tensile tests in temperature-controlled environment

  • Microscopic analysis, precision weighing and density determination

  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement and composite bond testing

  • Temperature, moisture and humidity measurements

​Type Model Key parameters
Climate chamber with UV-light Memmert ICH750L Temperature 0-60°C, Humidity 10 80% rh, UV wavelength 315-400 nm
Thickness gauge Olympus 38DL plus Thickness range 0,08 635,00 mm, resolution 0,001 mm
IR thermometer Amir 7814 Temperature range -30–900°C, resolution 0,1°C, optical resolution D:S 60:1
Hardness tester Bareiss HPE II Shore D, ASTM D2240
Bond tester Olympus BondMaster 600M  Pitch-catch mode 1..100 kHz, defects 13 mm and bigger, MIA mode 1..500 kHz
Environment chamber Instron 3119-605 Temperature range: -100–350°C
Dynamic and fatigue test system Instron E10000 Load capacity: 7 kN static, 10kN dynamic. Torque: 100Nm, range 5760. Dynamic frequency up to 100Hz
Test system Instron 5960 Capacity 50 kN, speed 0,001 600 mm/min, tests per standard ASTM C297, ASTM D790, ASTM D2344, ISO 14125, ISO 14130 and ISO 178
Dissecting microscope Motic SM-140 Trinocular, Magnification 10-40x, Working distance 80mm, 3MP camera
Precision balance Satorius Cubis 623   Capacity 1,5 – 620,0 g, readability 1 mg
Metallurgical microscope Brunel SP400 Magnification 50-800x, bright/dark field , polarizer, 5MP camera

Service Price

Fatigue testing
Dynamic and static fatigue tests at controlled temperatures (-100–350°C)

30 €/h

Microscopic analysis, precision weighing and density determination

30 €/h

Determination of gelcoat thickness, material hardness, humidity and defects
On-site at client’s location

30 €/h

Hygrothermal aging and durability in maritime climate environment

10 €/day

Prices are exclusive of VAT at 20%.

Mechatronics Lab


  • Automation and electrical systems, PLC systems and CAD-CAM consultations

  • Electrical measurements and analyses

  • 3D printing: FDM and SLA

  • CNC milling

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