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Model Testing


Model Testing
  • Resistance
  • Seakeeping
  • Roll decay, dynamic stability
  • LCG optimization
  • Wedge/interceptor trim optimization
  • Streamline
  • Open-water maneuvering

  • Length 60 m, breadth 5 m, water depth 3 m

  • Linear (1st order Stokes wave) waves

  • Nonlinear (Jonswap, Pierson-Moskowitz, ISSC, TMA spectra) waves

  • Irregulaarsed lained (Jonswap, Pierson-Moskowitz, ISSC, TMA spectra)

  • Wave height up to 0.35 m

  • Wave length 0.2-20 m

  • Wave frequency up to 2.8 Hz

  • The unmanned carriage can tow models 1-3 m in length. The maximum weight of the model is 250 kg and the highest speed is 6 m/s. The vibratory response and the deflection of the carriage at its midspan remain below 1.0 mm during test runs.

Service Price

Model production

3000-5000 €
Model setup
Waterlines and sections markings, centre of gravity and gyration, accelerometers, towing force dynamometer, draft change gauges
150 €/h
(4000-4500 €)
Resistance tests
Measurements of towing force, dynamic trim and draft change; documentation of wave pattern and spray in photos; estimation of the wetted surface and waterline length; analyses and final report
(2 loading conditions, 12 speeds — 5000 €)
150 €/h
Seakeeping tests (head sea tests)
Measurements of added resistance, vertical motions, and accelerations at three points; analysis of wave and spray deflection
(2 loading conditions, 2 irregular wave spectrums, 3 speeds — from 8000 €)
150 €/h

Prices are exclusive of VAT at 20%.

  • Baltic Workboats 1800 WP  ja 2200 WP patrol vessels

  • Baltic Workboats 4500 WP multifunctional vessel

  • Baltic Marine electric ferry


  • TalTech Centre for Biorobotics underwater robot

  • Lainergy NextWave wave energy converter

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