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Labs and studios

Playtech area was completed in 2019 in cooperation with Playtech Estonia OÜ.


Thermal engineer makes Nordic Countries habitable!

The heating lab is a unique interactive environment where you can get an overview of the nature of today’s production, distribution, and consumption of heat and electricity. An equally informative and playful journey to discover the behind-the-scenes of this exciting world ordinarily invisible to the eye.

A model of a contemporary cogeneration plant, a modern heat substation, a piece from the main pipeline of Estonia, a view of the Tallinn district heating network in real time, as well as a thermal camera – all of this contributes to introducing the diverse world of thermal energy to the visitor.

Heating lab – the fascinating behind-the-scenes of energy.


Ventilation laboratory is a room with the purpose of demonstrating the air exchange in a room. The laboratory is meant for everyone - children, school and university students and other people who might be interested in the topic.

  • Visitors get an overview of ventilation system components.
  • Visitors get knowledge and tips on how to plan a well working ventilation solution.
  • Visitors will be shown the effects of a poorly designed ventilation solution on a person.
  • Visitors can use simple tools to plan ventilation modules which can be tested in the laboratory.

In the laboratory, for visualizing operation of the ventilation systems, show lighting, music and fog generator smoke is used.

Partners: Swegon Eesti OÜ, ETS NORD AS, AS Hiieko, Hevac OÜ, Siemens OY Estonian branch, OÜ Airwave, Systemair AS, BL Tehnika OÜ.

Creative partners:
Alari Teede – Graffiti creation
Andrus Anderson Nordic Visual'ist – virtual tour creation
Priit Juurmann "DJ P. Julm" – music creation


Our Cool Tools studio, which is furnished by Büroomaailm and SA Tehnopol, contains safe and multifunctional tools and devices. In the studio children can craft different wooden objects using templates. It is also possible to choose a specific project or to rent the room for a longer period of time. Our technician will be responsible for the instructions on how to use the room and devices.

Area: 78 m2
Capacity: 20 students

Cool Tool equipment:

  • 10 jigsaws;
  • 9 lathes;
  • 1 sander;
  • 1 drill.

Timber lab equipment:

  • circular saw;
  • jigsaw;
  • rotary mill;
  • sanding machine;
  • vice;
  • wide array of tools.

Metal lab equipment:

  • lathe;
  • milling machine;
  • guillotine – sheet metal: 1280 x 2,0 mm;
  • metal bending machine;
  • work benches;
  • vice;
  • different hand tools;
  • compressor.

Welding lab equipment:

  • welding tables;
  • vice;
  • electrode arc welding (MMA welding);
  • grindstone;
  • different hand tools.

GreenRockLab is a room belonging to the TalTech Department of Geology introducing the Estonian resources in the TalTech Innovation Center of Mektory. The room provides an overview of our future mineral resources and the use of these resources in everyday life and offers teachers new opportunities to bring earth sciences to students in Estonian schools. With your own eyes, you can study the most important mineral resources of Estonia and see the inevitable role of these resources in our daily lives.

GreenRockLab has been founded by EIT Raw Materials, a community of the European Intitute of Innovation & Technology into which belong 315 European Universities, research intitutes, and large companies.


3D printers:

  • Creality Ender-3 Pro; 5 pcs

  • Creality CR-10 S; 5 pcs

  • Creality CR-10 max; 1 pc

  • Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle; 1 pc

Printing dimensions range from 220x220x250 mm to 450x450x470 mm.
All printers have a heated base.
As filament, we use PLA and ABS with diameters of 1.75 mm2 and 2.85 mm2.
Work files are STL, OBJ, g-code.
On-site programs: SketchUp, Cura, Tinkercad.

3D-printimise ruum