Tallinn University of Technology

Would you like to come to Mektory house tour?

Mektory house tour

During one hour Mektory house tour you will:

  • See TalTech demo exhibition where you can learn about TalTech flagship innovation projects and see prototypes of our self-driving car, satellite etc. 
  • Hear about our startup programmes and about TalTech cooperation with companies.
  • Walk through students' coworking space, see the most modern conference hall that has 270 degrees screen and different meeting rooms and labs that are designed by our partners.

Mektory house tour with guide (one hour, Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00, in Estonian and English), price in accordance with the size of the group size.
1 to 10 people: 10 euros / person
11 to 15 people: 120 euros / group
16 to 20 people: 180 euros / group
21 to 30 people: 240 euros / group (2 groups are formed)
31 to 50 people: 350 euros / group (2 groups are formed)
VAT will be added to prices.