Tallinn University of Technology

Last Tuesday, October 18th, the second stage of the Rector's Cup took place in the TalTech Sports Club - Quiz Night. 34 teams with 150 people took part from the competition. The winner was a team called "Merelapsed" (Children of the sea - Sandra-Sofia Leis, Marko Lippmaa, Liisbeth Born, Marko Krund, Lauri Trumann), who represented the Maritime Academy.

The next stage of the quiz night (not part of the TalTech Rector's Cup) will take place on November 15.


Since the Rector's Cup competition points can only be earned by the best team of each faculty (and if they have all members from the same faculty) the Faculties earned points from the quiz night as follows:

  • Maritime Academy - 120p

  • School of Engineering - 100p

  • School of IT - 80p

  • School of Science - 70p

  • School of Business and Governance - 60p

Standings of the Rector's Cup after two stages:

I place: Estonian Maritime Academy (240p)

II koht: School of Engineering (192p)

III koht: School of IT (186p)

IV koht: School of Business and Governance (140p)

V koht: School of Science (102p)

As previously announced, activity points will be added retrospectively in November, when this year's university membership statistics will be officially published.