Tallinn University of Technology

On Saturday, 5 October, at the Teacher of the Year gala ‘Eestimaa õpib ja tänab’ (‘Estonia learns and gives thanks’), Kaido Kikkas, lecturer of the IT College of TalTech, was awarded the title of Lecturer of the Year.

‘In addition to his regular and substantial teaching work that is unanimously acknowledged by both his students and colleagues, Kaido has put his heart and soul into creating ways for people with disabilities to study at universities. He is good at taking into consideration the differences of people from all parts of the spectrum and adjusting studies to fit their needs,’ said Kalle Tammemäe, Director of the IT College, to describe Kaido Kikkas.

Based on the students’ feedback, Kaido Kikkas was deemed one of the best lecturers of TalTech School of Information Technologies in the academic year 2017/2018 and was nominated for the title of the most renowned lecturer in the School. This is entirely justified, as in addition to regular classroom teaching, he also uses storytelling as well as various online learning methods. Kikkas also expects his students to think independently, not trust the lecturer’s opinions blindly.

At the start of each semester, there is a long line of students nearing the end of their studies behind Kaido’s virtual door, asking Kaido to become their supervisor.

Kaido’s versatility is also illustrated by the fact that he is one of the designers of the DigiTarkus course in 2018, which aimed to improve the IT-skills of the TalTech personnel. Two of the six modules in the course were created by him (also in English). In addition to his work as a lecturer at Estonian universities, he has participated as an expert and training provider in many Estonian and international projects.

Kaido holds (professional) humour in high regard as an important tool in developing creativity, recognising the grotesqueness of various situations and having the ability to put it in rhyme as well.