Tallinn University of Technology

From 1 January to 6 July, it is possible to apply to the Tallinn University of Technology for bachelor’s, master’s, engineering, and professional higher education study programmes in sais.ee, the information system for admission.

In total, there are more than thirty first-level and almost forty second-level specialities to choose from.

It has become a tradition at TalTech to start admitting new students at the beginning of the year, so that the applicant can start receiving information related to the study programme and field of interest, and also receive invitations to various university events.

Compared to the previous year, the requirement for the state examination of Estonian as a second language has changed: in order to apply for Estonian-language study programmes, the result of the state examination of Estonian as a second language must be at least 60 points.

Each applicant can submit up to two applications. Applications can be changed until the end of the admission. For example, upon receiving the results of a state examination, it is possible to change your choice of profession.

As the TalTech uses a threshold-based admission, in the programmes where the application is based on state exams, it is possible to find out in which programme the study place is available immediately after receiving the examination results. Anyone with results above the threshold is automatically admitted to the university.

Those who have completed their upper secondary education earlier will receive a notice offering a study place shortly after submitting their application, and will also be able to confirm their study placement. Those applicants who have not yet graduated from upper secondary school will be conditionally applied until receiving the results of the state examinations.

Applicants who have not taken the state examination in mathematics or Estonian, or who wish to improve their exam results, can do so at TalTech’s entrance examination. Registration for the entrance examination has already begun.