Tallinn University of Technology

Alar Konist, professor of energy technology at the Technical University, received the Young Scientist Award from the president this year. He will donate a part of the award to the development of future young researchers, as well as to the treatment of people with illnesses.


“For me, getting acknowledged by the president was a pleasant surprise that I didn’t expect. I want to share this joy and have decided to donate 1000 euros to the Erkki Truve Scholarship Fund of the Tallinn University of Technology’s Development Fund, 1000 euros to Hille Tänavsuu’s cancer treatment foundation The Gift of Life, and 1000 euros to the Children's Fund of the Tartu University Hospital,” said Alar Konist.

Alar Konist is a professor at the Department of Energy Technology of Tallinn University of Technology and is dedicated to researching the environmental impacts of energy production.

The sustainable energy and fuels research team led by him is focused on researching the potential of carbon capture, utilisation and storage technologies and ways of purifying air emissions from large industrial sources to achieve clean CO2 flow that could be diverted from the energy production circulation and contribute to carbon neutrality. As a result of the work of the research group in recent years, from 2020, ash waste generated in the oil shale industry is no longer hazardous, allowing the possibility to look for different opportunities for reusing the ash.

The president's Young Scientist Award is intended for those aged 35 or younger at the time of application who have achieved outstanding results in Estonian scientific research. The Young Scientist Award is funded by Väino Kaldoja.

Photo by: Raigo Pajula