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The article "Machines Are Taking Over - Are We Ready?: Law and Artificial Intelligence", co-authored by professors of the School of Business and Governance Katrin Nyman-Metcalf and Tanel Kerikmäe was published in a special issue of the Singapore Academy of Law Journal (SAcLJ).

Õiguse instituudi professorid Tanel Kerikmäe ja Katrin Nyman Metcalf

The article argues about the consequences of artificial intelligence on practical legal issues such as legal liability, legal procedure, etc. Philosophical and ethical questions may also arise: is the use of artificial intelligence always appropriate and how to deal with the consequences that have an impact on human rights? Practical cases from Estonia are provided and the questions that should be asked when creating and implementing the laws related to artificial intelligence are discussed. Some legal acts can be applied quite easily, but others may require innovative thinking.

“In this article, we communicated the experience of TalTech research group in structuring the legal part of our national artificial intelligence strategy submitted to the State Chancellery of Estonia and outlined the main ethical-legal dilemmas in creating a legal space compatible with artificial intelligence, considering the analysis of the intention to develop the Estonian artificial intelligence law carried out in cooperation with the Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications(ITL)and the law firm Njord, and last year's participation in the activities of UNESCO and its International Research Centre on Artificial Intelligence (IRCAI). We believe that when deciding on the need for regulation, certain principles and methodologies must be followed and making hasty decisions without involving important interest groups and considering the rule of law should be avoided,” Tanel Kerikmäe, Director of the Department of Law explains.

"The published article is of great significance to me, as it was published under the auspices of the innovation leader - Singapore National University (QS 11) Centre for Technology, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and the Law, and was edited by Dr Daniel Seng, the Director of the Centre, who is probably one of the leading researchers in technology law. We also plan continued cooperation with the centre in the field of project applications and joint publications, " Kerikmäe adds.

The Singapore Academy of Law Journal contains legal articles on the topics of Singapore and common law. Each year, a special issue of the journal is published, which includes articles focusing on specific areas of law. This year's special issue focuses on technology law. The article by Katrin Nyman Metcalf and Tanel Kerikmäe is available here.

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