Tallinn University of Technology

Starting from this autumn, students of Environmental, Energy and Chemical Technology will be awarded the Arvo Ots scholarship in the amount of 750 euros.

Arvo Ots

The purpose of the scholarship is to support new students, popularise the field, and thus ensure the sustainable development of energy technology. Applications can be submitted throughout the first two weeks of October and recipients will be announced at the end of the month.

The largest donor of the fund is Eesti Energia. “With the Arvo Ots scholarship, we will help ensure that future talents have opportunities that create value to study energy and chemical technology and develop their competence,” explained Natalja Horohordina, Head of Talent Acquisition and Employment at Eesti Energia, noting that educated and committed professionals are necessary in order to ensure a cleaner green future. “Motivated and proactive young people will become the creators of the future,” added Horohordina.

The Development Fund of TalTech seeks to award the Arvo Ots scholarship to a maximum of ten active students with good academic performance who have an ambition to become top experts in their field.

“The fact that record electricity prices are currently one of the most acute topics is proof of how reliant we are on energy,” claimed head of the fund Alar Konist. “How heat gets into homes and production, how cooling works, what is the heat and mass transfer in various technological processes and how to ensure production that is as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible – this is just a short list of the topics we deal with in the Department of Energy Technology,” he added, to highlight the importance of the field. “In order to ensure the next generation of engineers in the field of Environmental, Energy and Chemical Technology and acknowledge the best young specialists, we are launching a fund this academic year which is symbolically named after technology researcher Arvo Ots who passed away at the beginning of the year.”

Professor emeritus Arvo Ots (1931-2022) began working at the Tallinn University of Technology in 1960. He taught courses on thermodynamics, fuel combustion and heat transfer. In addition, he gave lectures on boiler technology and thermal power stations, supervised countless diploma theses, dissertations for candidate degrees and doctoral theses. The research and engineering activity of Arvo Ots was focused on studying the combustion of solid fuels and its industrial applications. He was one of the founders of the theoretical science of oil shale combustion.

Companies and private persons alike are welcome to contribute to the Arvo Ots scholarship fund. Donations can be made to the bank account of the Tallinn University of Technology Development Fund EE471010052027905003 (SEB) or EE572200221011286139 (Swedbank) with “Arvo Ots scholarship fund” as the description. For larger and long-term donations, please contact the Tallinn University of Technology Development Fund at arengufond@taltech.ee.