Tallinn University of Technology

Every business need decisions and management of labor.

SBG_Batuhan Avucan

We have interviewed our alumni to get insight into how they have applied the acquired skills and what type of work they do now. Batuhan Avucan from Turkey holds a master's degree in international business management from the Tallinn University of Technology´s School of Business and Governance.

What do you do today and what/which event attracted you to your current job?

I manage a mobile game news platform called Mobidictum, which is an ecosystem in the mobile game industry, jointly supported by one business development and one recruitment company. I also manage the marketing operations of an Estonian game development company called Gamecan.

I started my project Mobidictum in 2015 when I was developing mobile games and apps. I have always wanted to have my own business.  After years of mini projects and 3 years of employment, in 2021, finally, the time has come to run my operations.

Why did you decide in favour of studying in Estonia?

The studies application process was effectively smooth. I was surprised by how easy and logical the application process is. I had considered countries in central Europe where the application process was a big headache. Most importantly, I wanted to live in a small peaceful country with a lot of forests.

Which study programme did you study, and why did you pick this one?

I studied Master of Business Administration. After studying computer science on my bachelor’s, I wanted to continue my education in business, to get some knowledge before I start my own business.

What do you think is the strength of this field in today's labour market?

We live in a digital world where artificial intelligence replaces a lot of human labor. However, in each business there are people. Communication, guidance, leadership - these treats will never expire in business. Every business need decisions and management of labor. Therefore, management skills are always important.

Could you recall any sweet memories or funny situations from your university time?

I had the lowest grade on the marketing exam, even though I was doing marketing for our game company back then. That was interesting and shocking. Sometimes theory and practice don’t match.

I used to sell high-quality leather belts. One day in a class I saw one of our instructors needed a new belt. Two of my friends challenged me to see if I can sell it or not. One friend was saying I could not sell, while the other one was saying I could. After the class, I asked them to wait outside. In 10 minutes, I had sold one of the belts. When it comes to your skillset, always accept the challenges.

Looking back at your studies, what would you ask the university to do differently to become even better?

More practice less theory will have a better impact on education. For example, most of the marketing theories have changed. You cannot apply an outdated theory to a new world environment. Although even if you practice an implication of an old theory, at least you have the experience. And experience never gets old.