Tallinn University of Technology

According to economist Susanne Durst from TalTech, management of knowledge and knowledge risk has become a crucial management function.


The 2020 TalTech research article of the year in the field of social sciences and humanities, Knowledge Risks Inherent in Business Sustainability focuses on the importance of paying attention to the knowledge that lies in the mind of an individual working in an organisation. This is knowledge that actually supports the financial success and survival of the organisation and, without that individual, the entire organisation would take a turn for the worse. Knowledge risk management is a novel field of research that seeks to approach knowledge in a balanced way, addressing both its advantages and disadvantages. The article shows how knowledge risk management is a good tool and possible way to achieve organisational sustainability that also offers a new understanding of business sustainability, approaching it from the perspective of knowledge risk management and thus enriching existing scientific achievements.

Susanne Durst is a professor and manager of research at the Department of Business Administration of Tallinn University of Technology. Professor Durst was also recently awarded the title Tallinn University of Technology’s Leader of the Year 2020. Colleagues described her as an energetic person and admired her perseverance in improving previous approaches. They added that, in just a short period of time, she brought collaboration between colleagues to a new level. Susanne Durst has also been acknowledged numerous times in the past for her articles.

At the Tallinn University of Technology ceremony held in celebration of the 103rd anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, several ‘Best of the Year’ titles were awarded, including to the best research articles of the year. This year, Susanne Durst was acknowledged in the field of social sciences and humanities for her article Knowledge Risks Inherent in Business Sustainability, published in the leading journal on sustainability, the Journal of Cleaner Production, 251.