Tallinn University of Technology

On 8 September, the legendary TalTech Campus Party will take place once again, this time dedicated to the 105th anniversary of TalTech. We will have activities from early morning until late hours of the night, an exciting programme, and cultural experiences for all tastes provided by the best Estonian artists.

Everyone who feels any affinity with the university is invited to the party on the Mustamäe campus – students, staff, alumni, partners, or friends of the university.  

The celebration will include alumni reunions, trivia quizzes, and a competition between student organisations. The day programme is free for everyone.

The evening programme will start with Rein Rannap's rock-cantata, which will take place in the main hall of the university and will feature all the cultural collectives of the university. The best artists of Estonia – Kukerpillid, Terminaator, and 5MIINUST – will end the evening with a bang. 

There is an admission fee for the evening programme (including the Song and Dance Party), but the earlier you buy your ticket, the better the price. 

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The program can still change so keep your eye on the Campus Party page and Facebook event.