Tallinn University of Technology

TalTech is unique because it has an awesome and compact campus. We build genuine student formulas here. We have everything we need starting from the composites’ lab, strength testing lab, welding lab, up to being able to manufacture fine mechanical components on the campus.

What is also cool is that because everything is so compact and covered, some folks hardly manage to leave the campus during busy production periods. They live in the student accommodation, study here and do their shopping across the street – you can literally find everything here. This is an excellent, compact environment for spending the student years. 

The education provided by TalTech is truly universal. It opens the doors of businesses to us in Estonia and enables fostering cooperation with other educational institutions. But what is awesome is that it is held in high regard in Europe. When we were touring Europe for competitions with the student formula car in 2019, we visited the University of Munich. We are both now in the EuroTeQ Alliance. Meaning that a document from the peripheral Estonia carries equal weight at the heart of the European automotive industry.      

It is cool that at TalTech there is a tradition of engineering education going back for decades. When coming across experienced engineers and the topic of university comes up, they call it TPI, we call it TalTech, but what we have in common is that throughout history, strong engineering education has been acquired here. This makes the previous generations see us, today’s students, as aces too!