Tallinn University of Technology

This year has been somewhat different. We have analysed our activities extensively, soul-searched, weighed our strengths and weaknesses. While doing this, we have managed to make good use of the data that is generated at the university. We have been smart enough to keep it and able to process it and we have the skills to present it in ways that it can be used as a basis for decision making. This is a clear step forward. This is for sure something we shall keep on doing. 

There are two topics that we need to put more focus on than we have to date. First one being employer branding, backed by the positive trend in our reputation as a university as well as improving working conditions year-on-year. Our university is a flagship employer – so why not communicate this to the public at large. 

The other topic is equal treatment. It exists on paper, most of us deem it necessary, subscribe to it in our minds. But how much do we actually do in order for men and women to be equal, have equal opportunities? There is definitely room for improvement: how to make something that exists on paper and in our minds tangible? 

I also wish for all our support services to become user-friendly, easy to use, transparent, so that everyone would know who does what and where to turn to if they need something. And as a human resources manager at heart, I hope that all of the above might raise satisfaction with our university. It is important to feel good here and for us to love where we work.