Tallinn University of Technology

A week ago, dance troupe Kuljus travelled to Kaunas, Lithuania, to the joint show of Baltic technical universities, Gintaro Krantai (Amber Shores). In addition to Kuljus, the show featured performances by dance troupe Vektors of the Riga Technical University and folk art group Nemunas of the Kaunas University of Technology with its folk music and vocal ensemble.

The magnificent show proved that, while each country and each nation have their own cultures and peculiarities, we have much in common, such as a love of dance and tradition. To the surprise of the audience, the hosts, i.e. the Lithuanians, performed a Latvian-Estonian piece as well.

An important part of the event was certainly the party in the evening, which included various performances, a lively dance band, and watching Eurovision together.

The joint shows take place in alternate years in different Baltic countries, and the long tradition of friendship between the universities of technology has lasted for more than 50 years. The previous show took place in 2018 Tallinn, dedicated to the 105th anniversary of the birth of the founder of Kuljus, Salme Valgemäe. The joint shows, which continue to this day, confirm the strength of the friendship between the three dance troupes even in the face of challenges.