Tallinn University of Technology

Mare Roosileht, director of the Virumaa Сollege of TalTech, presented the award to Enefit Power, the winner of the nomination for Ida-Virumaa entrepreneurs of the year 2021.

Mare Roosileht presented the award to Andres Vainola, Chief Executive Officer at Enefit Power.

At the recognition event held on the 2nd December in Jõhvi, the jury decided to give out a special prize to Enefit Power, the company which is managing Eesti Energia's mines, oil plants, and power plants, which in the large scope introduced low-grade waste and waste wood for electricity production, increasingly makes use of distilled gas for  electricity generation, reduced considerably the volume of CO₂ from the fossil fuel incineration, and is building a new chemical plant, where in the future raw materials for the chemical industry will be produced without CO₂ using various waste products, such as plastic and tire waste.

"At a time when many people and companies are still figuring out a green turn for themselves, there is a company in Ida-Virumaa that has moved in long steps towards a greener Estonia. Enefit Power is a company that is ready to combine the experience of researchers, the technological capabilities of employees and move to a higher level in the value chain," said Mare Roosileht, Director of the College. According to her, researchers at Tallinn University of Technology have been working on the topic of "green turn" for a long time, and therefore it is very important that a representative of Virumaa College was honored to present the award.

In the category of recognition, it was intended to value a company that is rapidly adapting to environmental changes, has successfully updated its business model and has adopted novel technologies, and implemented solutions in its activities that result in more efficient use of resources and negative environmental impact reduction.

Earlier, at the Ida-Virumaa enterprise recognition event, Virumaa College was awarded the title of Friend of the Year of Ida-Virumaa Entrepreneurs in 2017.

The competition for the recognition of Ida-Virumaa companies is organised by Ida-Viru Enterprise Center, Jõhvi office of Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Association of Ida-Virumaa municipalities, Ida-Viru Industrial Areas Development Foundation, Europe Direct's Jõhvi contact point and Ida-Virumaa newspaper "North Coast". The aim of the competition is to value entrepreneurship and entrepreneural activity in Ida-Viru County.