Tallinn University of Technology

At the session of the General Assembly of the Estonian Academy of Sciences on December 8, four new members of the Academy were elected, including Dmitri Vinnikov, Researcher-Professor at TalTech and head of the power electronics research group.

Dmitri Vinnikov
Dmitri Vinnikov. Foto autor: Reti Kokk

Dmitry Vinnikov’s main research areas are the synthesis and experimental research of innovative energy-efficient DC and AC voltage source converters that could be used in demanding applications such as renewable energy, electric transport, telecommunications, and aviation.

“It is certainly a great acknowledgement of my work so far and also means a greater responsibility to the society,” Vinnikov said of the importance of the academician title. He added that he hopes to contribute more to the development of both the Estonian state and the Estonian Academy of Sciences, bringing new knowledge and experience in the fields related to energy and the green transition. “Thanks to a strong international network, I can also increase the visibility and reach of the research policy of Estonian top-level research in other parts of the world,” the newly elected academician stated.

Elmo Tempel, Professor of Astronomy at the Tartu Observatory of the University of Tartu, was elected academician of astronomy and astrophysics, Marek Tamm, Professor of Cultural History at Tallinn University, was elected academician of cultural history, and Maris Laan, Professor of Human Genetics at the University of Tartu, was elected academician of public health.

A total of 20 researchers applied for four academician positions. A candidate had to receive 2/3 of the votes of the academicians present at the general assembly to be awarded the title of an academician. Together with the academics elected today, the Estonian Academy of Sciences has a total of 76 academicians.

The article is based on a press release from the Estonian Academy of Sciences.