Tallinn University of Technology

Dr. Merike Luman, a senior research scientist at the Biomedical Engineering Centre of the Department of Health Technologies of Tallinn University of Technology and a nephrologist at the North Estonia Medical Centre, received the Order of the Estonian Red Cross, 2nd Class from the president of the Republic of Estonia.


Merike Luman has put her heart and soul into both the hospital and Tallinn University of Technology and has done her utmost to ensure that patients who undergo kidney replacement therapy receive the best treatment. To achieve this, she has used her existing knowledge and also actively contributed to research in the field of biofluid optics. Being open to new ideas and focused on the positive, she strives to make a contribution to the development of state-of-the-art science-based treatment and monitoring methods. At the same time, patients always come first. As Merike usually says before making important decisions: “I have to discuss this with my conscience.”

The Order of the Estonian Red Cross is awarded in recognition of public services rendered in the interests of the Estonian people in the humanitarian field and for saving someone’s life.

Photo by: Terje Lepp