Tallinn University of Technology

ComPra project is hosting a discussion round on educational commons at Suvemäe TKG, Tallinn. Commons are living and dynamic social systems that develop around the values of collective creation, ownership and equal management of resources established by different communities to ensure the survival and prosperity of each of their members.

ComPra project discussants

The Blended Short-cycle Training Courses on "Commoning Practices" (ComPra) project introduces the emergent paradigm of the "commons" as an alternative value and action system in the field of education. 

The hosts would like to open up the discussion about a less hierarchical and based on the notion of the commons education and share some experiences from implementing a two years circle of such courses! 

Find the Facebook event here.

Alekos Pantazis
Assistant Professor, University of Thessaly, Greece
Researcher, ComPra project

Charlie Moreno Romero
Principal Investigator, Smooth project

CompraECS has been funded with support from the European Commission. More info about the project: https://compraecs.eu/