Tallinn University of Technology

The Tallinn University of Technology has awarded the title of Alumnus of the Year to two alumni, Erika Kirpu and Irina Embrich, who won gold medals at the Tokyo Summer Olympics.

Embrich, Metsla, Kirpu

Erika Kirpu and Irina Embrich and Member of the Board of the Alumni Association Ergo Metsla. Source: TalTech

The alumni association of the Tallinn University of Technology recognised Erika Kirpu and Irina Embrich for their contribution to the development of sports and culture in Estonia, and raising the profile of Estonia around the globe.

Erika Kirpu said: ‘I wanted to diversify, so to speak; to acquire a set of skills that would ensure that I am also able to find work after I retire from professional sports. Thanks to the education I received, I can face the future with confidence. I am still actually fond of learning.’

Irina Embrich added: ‘For me, what matters most is that I can say that I have had a successful career, that our women’s team and I won medals for Estonia.’

Irina Embrich graduated from Tallinn University of Technology in 2004 with a degree in chemical and environmental technologies  and Erika Kirpu in 2014 with a degree in law.

Robert Kitt, chairman of the board of the alumni association, stated: ‘Under the statutes, the Alumnus of the Year award at the Tallinn University of Technology is awarded to someone who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of education, science, the field of engineering, the economy, or culture in Estonia. Two of our alumni becoming Olympic gold medalists is an extraordinary achievement for which have decided to award two Alumnus of the Year titles. After all, an extraordinary achievement merits extraordinary recognition.’

The alumni of the year were announced on the 103rd anniversary of Tallinn University of Technology on September 17. At the anniversary ceremony, 66 doctoral degrees were awarded, with the welcoming speech for the doctors held by Siret Malmberg, who completed an industrial doctorate at the Department of Materials and Environmental Technology; Mente et Manu medals of merit were awarded; an academic speech titled ‘Green Transition, University, and Games/Gambling!?’ was held by Vice-Dean for Research and Professor Argo Rosin at the School of Engineering; and Rector Tiit Land gave a speech about the future of the university.

A video recording of the anniversary ceremony is available here.