Tallinn University of Technology

The seminar introducing the Estonian geological literature database will take place on Friday, April 30 at 10.00 via Zoom . All those interested in the earth's crust are welcome to participate in the seminar, ask questions and have a say. 

One of the most important and reliable sources of information on geology of Estonia is various publications – monographs, research articles, theses, as well as popular scientific writings and science journalism. Until now, there was no central digital database that would consolidate the 200 years of information published about Estonian geology and make it easily accessible. 

We began eliminating this shortcoming at the end of 2019 with the support of the EIC project "Eesti maapõue trükiste andmebaas" (“Database of publications on Estonian Geology”). At the beginning of 2021, the public web application of the database was completed, and today the database contains information about nearly 15,000 works concerning Estonian geology, mineral resources and mining. The data is updated and improved daily. 

At the seminar, the project leader Prof. Olle Hints will give an overview of the structure of the database and its various uses. In addition, other e-applications will be discussed. Visit the database.  

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