Tallinn University of Technology

Kuno Tammearu, the director general of Estonian Rescue Board and TalTech’s rector Tiit Land signed a cooperation deal in order to promote many more various research projects to even larger number of researchers and students, and to create a clear framework for the cooperation. 

Tiit Land ja Kuno Tammearu

One example of a cooperation between the two is the last year’s public procurement for rescue gloves. Researchers from TalTech helped the Rescue Board to find a way to describe the rigidity of the material used in the gloves for the procurement.  

Kuno Tammearu stated that the Rescue Board has been working together with TalTech for already several years in various projects. Tiit Land added that “there are many researchers in the university that are currently creating and developing new technologies that could be used in cooperation with the Rescue Board in order to make their everyday work more efficient. Furthermore, TalTech wishes to offer additional training for the employees of the Board in order to catch up and stay on course with the rapidly changing technological world.”  

The cooperation plans are being made in the realm of rescue vehicles, equipment, infomartion communation technologies (infosystems, AI, VR) and demining development. A joint effort is being put into developing a location where the process of demining would be the safest for the environment and the inhabitants.  

In addition to the rescue gloves cooperation project last year, the two sides have also worked together in studies in the fields of work place safety and health behavior.  

Estonian Rescue Board and TalTech signed the deal for the following five years.