Tallinn University of Technology

EuroTeQ Engineering University (EuroTeQ) aims to significantly promote physical, virtual or combined learning mobility. The first landmark was the completion of the project’s website and joint courses catalog in July 2021 which enabled all the students from partner universities to register for the subjects added there. A total of 59 subjects were added to the first course selection by six universities, most of them (22) by the Czech Technical University in Prague. TalTech offered six subjects to the students.

Riina Potter, Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator

EuroTeQi partnerid

Although the new website and EuroTeQ’s study abroad opportunities were most actively introduced in the summer, more than 400 applications were submitted to the partner universities to participate in one or several subjects. 42 TalTech students who wished to take 59 different subjects submitted applications. The largest number of applications was submitted by students of the School of Engineering (21), but students of the School of Economics, and School of Science and IT were also represented. The most popular among the students of TalTech were courses offered by the Czech Technical University and the Technical University of Munich, which were chosen 21 and 19 times, respectively.

26 students wanted to take subjects offered by TalTech and two of them wanted to take two different courses. The most popular subject was Intellectual Property Law of the School of Economics which was selected 11 times. The largest number (17) of TalTech subjects were selected by students from the Czech University of Technology.

The most popular subject of the fall semester in the EuroTeQ network was Innovative Entrepreneurs of the Technical University of Munich, which was selected 55 times. There was a lot of desire to learn foreign languages: French, Dutch, as well as Estonian language and culture. Therefore, with regard to the spring semester, the partners already have to think about whether to increase the opportunities for learning foreign languages in addition to offering professional subjects.

The 2021 fall semester was intended for testing the EuroTeQ virtual mobility, but it turned out to be more popular than expected among students. Hopefully, a successful first semester will encourage new lecturers to join the project for the spring semester, meaning that the students of the partner universities will have an even larger selection of interesting subjects to choose from. While in this academic year, registration to courses is handled manually by exchanging applications between the partner universities, it should be possible to select and register for subjects using digital means in the next academic year.


EuroTeQ Engineering University is a 3-year collaboration project between a number of universities across Europe, which aims to set up systematic and sustainable collaborations in studies. The EuroTeQ network includes six of Europe’s leading research and technology universities: Technical University of Munich (Germany), Technical University of Denmark, Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands), École Polytechnique (France), Czech University of Technology in Prague, and Tallinn University of Technology.