Tallinn University of Technology

On 9 June, FLIR Systems Estonia presented Tallinn University of Technology with state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras with different capacities worth over 50,000 euros that will be shared by the Schools of Information Technology, Engineering, and Science.

With the help of thermal imaging cameras, TalTech researchers and students can monitor temperature changes in technical equipment and systems, analyse phenomena or deviations based on them, and learn to prevent major technical issues or accidents.

For example, students of construction can learn to avoid the formation of cold bridges when designing buildings. Students researching powered drive units can detect overheating and wear of engine switchboards. IT students can monitor PCB components or server parks, while students of natural sciences can detect heat-emitting objects in a dark environment to save lives and the environment.

According to Tiit Land, Rector of Tallinn University of Technology, the thermal imaging cameras donated by FLIR Systems Estonia to the University of Technology are more than just a gift – they create a prerequisite for wider cooperation between the university and undertakings and innovation through knowledge transfer. “As the only university of technology in Estonia, our mission is to be a leader in technical science and smart technologies, and the new equipment will provide many further opportunities for the university’s students and researchers to create something new,” Rector Land stated.

Meelis Bergmann, head of FLIR Systems Estonia, emphasised that the sky is the limit when it comes to using infrared technology: from marine to space technology, from construction to electronics and medicine. He added: “The aim of the cooperation is to develop the field of infrared technology in Estonia: to promote the development of the field, to contribute to educational materials and work, and to create favourable conditions for research and development.”

Fjodor Sergejev, the dean of the School of Engineering of TalTech confirmed: “The infrared thermal imaging cameras with the latest technology are state-of-the-art devices that are very well suited for engineering applications. In the School of Engineering, we invent and develop new materials and technologies, as well as products, and I can see unlimited possibilities for the use of infrared thermography and the development of FLIR’s technologies. The doors of our laboratory are open to all the lecturers and researchers, supervisors of student theses and participants of research projects of the Tallinn University of Technology.”

All the equipment that has been gifted has been manufactured in the Estonian factory of the undertaking. FLIR Systems Estonia manufactures state-of-the-art infrared cameras for both civil and military use. In addition to the cameras given to the researchers and students of the university of technology, FLIR Systems Estonia, the university’s partner and important benefactor, is also planning to provide a series of lectures, student internship opportunities, and graduation thesis topics with supervision. The long-term objective of the collaboration is development together with TalTech researchers and the establishment of professorship in the field of infrared technology.

FLIR Systems Estonia OÜ, part of Teledyne FLIR Corporation, manufactures infrared equipment in Estonia. The parent company, Teledyne FLIR, is listed on the NASDAQ securities market and is an international market leader.

Tallinn University of Technology is the only university of technology in Estonia that offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies in engineering, information technology, natural sciences, business, and maritime affairs. The newly updated curricula aimed at the needs of the labour market makes TalTech graduates much-welcomed experts in the labour market.