Tallinn University of Technology

University is not just about knowledge – it is also about relationships. Both are values that carry you forward in life. When graduates are asked what university gave them, the first answer is often that it gave them friends for life. In fact, universities foster good relationships, because people with similar interests tend to come together in the same field or discipline.

TalTech is a big and friendly family, which has certainly given rise to inspiring acquaintances and relationships. Share them with us! The university is starting a series of articles called ‘Friends for Life’, where we are inviting students, staff, and alumni, friends and friend groups who have been brought together and/or united by Tallinn University of Technology, to tell their stories.

We also show others, especially new students, that university is more than just learning – it is about time spent making memories together, about subjects that unite and benefit us. We will write a story about it and make a short video to share on the website and social media of the university.

Tell your story at kerdu.lenear@taltech.ee