Tallinn University of Technology

On October 1, the world exhibition EXPO 2020 started in Dubai, where the Estonian pavilion will also introduce the research works of Tallinn University of Technology. Watch the video about the Greentwins project - the Tallinn-Helsinki dynamic digital green model. 

The future city is more than buildings, vehicles and people – green spaces also play an important part. Researchers at the Tallinn University of Technology are adding dynamic plant life to the city's digital twin. This “green twin” virtual solution shows us how urban flora changes over time and helps us understand how these changes affect the city’s ecosystem. The “green twin“ will help urban planners by indicating where more shade from the summer sun is needed, where greenery could cover up traffic signs or where autumn winds will start to blow after trees lose their leaves. The result is cleaner air, a nicer atmosphere, and a better environment to live in.