Tallinn University of Technology

On October 1, the world exhibition EXPO 2020 started in Dubai, where the Estonian pavilion will also introduce the research works of Tallinn University of Technology. Watch the video about the last mile transport solutions. 

Public transportation doesn’t always help us get to where we want to go when we want to go – a small piece is still missing. This challenge is addressed by the Tallinn University of Technology research group of autonomous vehicles, together with the FinEst Centre for Smart Cities. TalTech is developing autonomous vehicles that are “last mile vehicles“, meaning they get you to work and school in the morning, and to the cinema or home at night, even if you live past the last bus stop or beyond the city borders. Self-driving cars and buses extend the transportation grid of the city through a demand-based system. Last mile vehicles are there just when you need them, reducing congestion and saving energy.