Tallinn University of Technology

TalTech in cooperation with the leading European science and technology universities received 5 million euros funding from the European Commission for establishing the EuroTeQ Engineering University. This involves ambitious collaboration efforts in education and research and business cooperation with such tech giants as Siemens, Total, BMW, etc.

In the future, TalTech students will be able enjoy full rights as a student in all the partner universities, they can select courses and pass exams both online and on site based on an individual study programme. The EuroTeQ Engineering University will provide diplomas and eduction that comply with the standards and legislation of all participating countries, the European Union and the world by focusing in particular on future needs. One of the goals of the universities alliance is life-long learning in engineering.

According to TalTech's Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Hendrik Voll, the alliance provides strong quality guarantee for both current and future students: "The universities alliance offers holistic and comprehensive approach to engineering education: students are provided not only with in-depth technical knowledge but also with an extended educational horizon, an entrepreneurial mindset and sociopolitical sensitivity. The establishment of EuroTeQ means that Tallinn University of Technology has 100,000 potential international students from the best universities of technology in Europe.”

In addition to TalTech, the EuroTeQ Engineering University includes such leading universities as Technical University of Munich, Technical University of Denmark, Eindhoven University of Technology, Czech Technical University and École Polytechnique from France. Other partners that will contribute to the implementation of the program are Technion from Israel and EPFL from Switzerland.  Today, the planned EuroTeQ Engineering University would have the total of 100,000 students.

EuroTeQ has been established to make a stronger contribution to EU's economic growth by jointly training top engineers. In addition to the universities, the partners involved include such business giants as Siemens, Total, BMW and DAF and Telia, Transferwise, Eesti Energia, the Information System Authority (RIA) and Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (ITL) from Estonia.