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On Thursday, the 24th of September, a relay race led by TalTech Sports Club took place on the running tracks of Mustamäe and Nõmme. Among others, members of the TalTech Rectorate participated, headed by rector Tiit Land, patron of the national Sports Week.

"As a scientist, I can say that exercise improves health and ensures healthily lived years. At the same time, trying to achieve a better time next year compared to this year is not a good idea, because unfortunately, sports are accompanied by injuries. Let's do sports, but let's do it healthily," said rector Tiit Land.

Tiit Land thinks the location of TalTech is ideal for sports – the sports club is in close vicinity of the university, excellent running and skiing trails are a stone's throw away.

According to Land, the union of university and sports is very important. "Offering students opportunities for sports is responsible, we also think it's important to support high-level sports," said Land. He explained that offering flexible learning opportunities to top athletes ensures them great work opportunities even after quitting professional sports.

Madis Koit, the development manager of TalTech Sports Club, said that the club aims to be the leader of physical movement in Estonia. "People of the university, among whom are students, workers, alumni, and friends, can enjoy different kinds of sports at TalTech Sports Club. The relay race assured us that interest in sports is big and gives us the motivation to offer even more ways to exercise," said Koit.

56 teams participated in the relay race, a total of 280 people. Among the competitors were several TalTech teams, including the Rectorate, consisting of rector Tiit Land, vice-rector for entrepreneurship Sven Illing, director for administration Joosep Kaasik, director for facilities Aivar Uutar and director for finance Tauno Tuisk. The sports club representative teams of volleyball, basketball, table tennis, and the cheerleaders also put out teams. In addition, other universities and professional sports clubs took part.

The participants had to run a 4,22-kilometer trail that went from the Sütiste park forest next to TalTech Sports club to Nõmme center and down Nõmme hill. Every team had to have five members.

Prizes were given out in three categories: men, women, and mixed teams.


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The next TalTech relay race will take place in a year.