Tallinn University of Technology

In December, new leaders were elected for the School of IT, the School of Business and Governance and the Maritime Academy. Rector Tiit Land appointed Professor Gert Jervan as the Dean of the School of IT for the next five-year period.

According to Gert Jervan, the last five years have been turbulent, witnessing structural reform and the building up of the new school, as well as joining the IT College. "In addition, we have introduced a study programme based management model and have established departments based on research groups," Jervan commented on the previous period of work. He added that the journey has been like a roller coaster, but in the end, many positive developments have occurred. "I would like to thank all the members of my team who have contributed to achieving these goals. The next five years, however, will require a strong contribution to supporting and improving the quality of both research and studies. We are Estonia’s largest IT education provider and R&D centre. But we should also be the best choice for both students and our partners. And to achieve this will require continued joint commitment from all of us," Gert Jervan emphasised.

The Dean noted that this year has been very special and the holidays are also different. "We had to cancel all Christmas events at the university. The event where we award the best ones of the year has been postponed to an indefinite future. The main thing right now is to stay healthy and hope that this surreal time will soon end so we could return to our normal lives," Jervan hoped.

Gert Jervan elected Dean of School of IT for next years